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Kawaii Survivor

The Coolest Roguelike Ever

In this course, we will embark on a Thrilling Adventure through every aspect of game development, from Fundamental Mechanics to Advanced Features that will bring your game to life, and Drastically Improve your Game Development Skills.

Enemies, Mergeable Melee & Ranged Weapons, Fully Customizable Wave System and more with the use of Best Coding Practices

Sijil - Save System for All your Games!

After making SIJIL yourself, you will be able to Save your Data in 1 Line of Code.

After making SIJIL yourself, you will be able to Load your Data in 2 Lines of Code.

Create a Procedural Jigsaw Puzzle Game From Scratch

Learn the fundamentals of creating a dynamic grid system to lay the groundwork for your puzzle framework.

Elevate your puzzle pieces from simple quads to intricate game elements using Dreamteck Splines for realistic knobs and holes, along with the Ear Clipping Algorithm for precise triangulation.

Learn how to Take a Photo, and turn it into a Jigsaw Puzzle !

Create a Geometry Dash like game !

Let's make Square Dash ! A Geometry Dash-like game in this course !

Learn how to create clean 2D Platformer Physics & Transition between control types !

You'll also learn some neat Shader Graph Tricks in here ;)

Extending the Unity Editor with Custom Tools

This might be the most practical course on making a Unity Editor Extension you’ve seen.

Yeah this is also kinda niche right ?

But ! I’m glad this is something new to you cause this might totally change how you work.

Create a Suika game with me !

We are first going to create the Suika Game, also know as the Watermelon Game.

It’s basically a Merge Game, similar to 2048, but with Kawaii fruits !

Then, it's up to you to decide where the game is heading !

The Ultimate Coloring Course

Colors play a huge role in games, and more broadly, in real life.

Many games revolve around the painting / coloring mechanic.

Do you want to create a wonderful game where your players can color your creations, or even color the world they are in ?

Then look no further, this Course is for You !

In this course, we will explore 5 different techniques you can use to create a coloring game, in Unity.

Code Ninja : 10x Your Game Dev Speed

After many years making games, I have been able to compile a variation of ways to improve my workflow when making games, and you can learn all of them in this course!

Don’t judge a course by its length.

Even though the course is short, after watching all of the lessons, you will make games way faster!

Remember, it’s about Saving Time ;)

Make your First Hybrid Casual Game

Hybrid Casual is the next trend after Hyper Casual ( or hypercasual depending on how you write it ;) )

Have you ever wondered how those addictive trendy Hybrid Casual Mobile Games were made ?

Do you want to Learn how to bring your Hybrid Casual Game Idea to Life ?

Well, you’re at the Right Place!

Learn 2D Digging in Unity

Mobile games such as Sand Balls, Alto’s Adventure & Castle Raid are hit games, and also use the Marching Squares Algorithm to shape their levels & give more creativity to the player.

The potential behind these algorithms is Huge & is a big Time saver for developers like you.

This is why I decided to craft this course, so that you too, can learn how to create your own version of the Marching Squares Algorithm.

Create a Hyper Casual Shooting Game

In this course, you will learn how to create a Hyper Casual Shooting Mobile Game from scratch.

We will go all the way from setting up our project to creating the core loop of the game.

There is so much you will learn in this course, and there’s even more to come!

If you’re ready to Master New Hyper Casual Concepts, don’t miss this opportunity.

ChatGPT x Unity : Ultimate Integration Guide

If you want to integrate ChatGPT to your Unity Project, you are at the right place.

After finishing this course, you will know how to make calls to the OpenAI API, integrate ChatGPT to your project and setup a Chat Interface.

That’s not it, you’ll be able to accomplish far more than that!

Create an Addictive Idle Carrot Clicker

Hyper casual Idle games have always been around as far as mobile games are concerned.

You’ve surely played, or heard about Cookie Clicker ? Let me introduce, Carrot Clicker (very original I know ^^)

In this exciting course, you will learn all of the different aspects of making a Fun & Addictive Clicker Game (with carrots).

Create your First Hyper Casual Game

Learn how to make a Cool and Fun Hyper Casual Runner.

Together, we will go through creating variables, methods, putting code together, adding 3D models and even creating graphics !

We will then put all of this together to Create a Complete Mobile Game you can play & even publish on the App Store & Google Play Store.

Hyper Casual Runner Course
Hyper Casual Runner Course

Master Hyper Casual Word Games

Wordle took the world by storm, in less than 3 months, people started to talk about it everywhere. Youtube, The news, and especially, the app stores.

The game has made more than $3 million dollars, and has been downloaded more than 19 million times. Amazing !

I had to make a course on this game, so let’s explore behind the scenes of this game, and see how it could’ve been made.

Hyper Casual Cricket Game

In this course, you will learn how to make a cool and fun Hyper Casual Cricket Mobile Game!

Together, we will go through the various processes used in Mobile Game Dev to bring your ideas to life.

We will Create a Complete, Fully Functional, Ready to Publish game in less than 13 hours.

Make a Multiplayer Game using Netcode

Take your mobile game dev skills to the Next Level with this comprehensive course on Unity Mobile Multiplayer using Netcode for GameObjects!

Designed for both amateurs and experienced developers, this course will teach you how to create exciting and engaging multiplayer mobile games in Unity.

You'll learn everything you need to know to start building and optimizing multiplayer games for mobile devices

Make a Hole Game from Scratch

In this course, you'll learn how to add those satisfying black holes to any mesh without messing with its geometry. No need to worry about stuff like vertices, triangles, faces, or any complicated algorithms.

I’ll teach you how to use the Stencil Buffer like a pro to achieve that perfect hole-y effect.

We'll also add Physics !