Making your Projects Colorful

Getting Started

If your Unity Project is already opened, you can open Mineral by:

  • Double clicking on the package

  • Dragging & Dropping the package onto your Project Window

How to use ?

In your project window, Right Click on the folder you want to customize.

In the Contextual Menu, select hover over "Mineral".

Select the color of your choice, or click on "Custom icon..." if you want to set a custom icon.

Resetting an icon

To reset an icon, nothing simpler!

Right Click on the folder you want to reset, "Mineral ► Reset"

Resetting all the icons

To reset all the icons, Click on the "Tabsil" menu at the top of your Editor.

Then select "Mineral ► Reset all Folder Icons"

Important things to know

⚠️ Please, do not rename the "Tabsil" folder or any of its children. Otherwise, the icons won't be found.

📁 If you want to change the default folder colors, simply edit the icons in "Tabsil ► Mineral ► Icons ► Colored"

⚠️ Please, do not rename the icons thought.

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