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Responsive Slide Control

Animate 3D Characters

Interactions with 3D Objects

Create a Crowd & Manage Placement

Player / Enemies Interactions

Custom Shop System

Create a Keyboard Input System

Manage Player Input

Grab Words from a Dictionnary

Add Hint Systems

Add Sounds & Vibrations

Mini Shader Graph Lesson

Create a Beautiful UI

Manage an AI Player

Smoothly Switch between Cameras

IP Multiplayer

Setup Unity Relay

Setup a Simple Matchmaking System

Master the Stencil Buffer

Make a Hole Game

Add Powerups

Plan your game

Master Unity's UI

Integrate IronSource

Add Text-2-Speech & Speech-2-Text

Save to JSON

Create a Responsive Joystick

Add Sick Particles

Create an Outline Shader

Unlock the World

Add a nice looking Inventory

Create a Crop Shader

Create & Control Particles

Create Procedural Meshes

Implement the Marching Squares Algorithm

Create a Digging Game

Jump & Shoot At Enemies

Create Ragdoll Characters

Use Inverse Kinematics

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